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Best patient/Worst patient #1

After every shift, TLOTH asks me 2 questions. Who was your best patient? & Who was your worst patient? I figured it might make an interesting new feature for the blog. For each shift, I will post either a best or a worst patient. Today, we’ll do a best patient.

An 11 year old girl sprained get ankle. When I put the ACE wrap on the child looked at it and said, “Eww. I’m gonna need a nicer color, Mister Doctor.” She was very upset when I told her we only had ACE wraps in the one size.

THEN we tried to teach her how to use crutches. She got so baffled that she completely forgot how to walk even after I took the crutches away from her to start again. Teaching her to use crutches, which normally takes me 3 minutes, took 20 (And she still barely even got around). By the end, her mother was laughing so hard I thought we were going to have to call a code.